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What’s going on in the iGaming niche? This section is all about the latest gambling news that covers the world, including our country. As you have guessed, our site is not only about the best online casinos that accept players from Australia. Here you will always find information about the latest news from the TOP software providers and, of course, some new partnership deals between online casinos and other big companies.

Online casino News in Australia - iGaming news

Why is the news so important, you would ask? First of all, it keeps us creating new content for the website. Besides, sometimes we can find some interesting gambling-related topics that we would like to highlight, but not in the review or bonus section. Also, it is always interesting to know who will win the next Gambling Awards or what’s on the trends of the iGaming market.

For example, here you will get information about new upcoming pokies, so you may be the first among the rest of the players who will get early access to it. Or it could be a new interesting software developer, which is absolutely different from a NetEnt or Playtech, which consider being one of the most popular nowadays. Gambling news for gamblers is quite the same as the political news for politics, who love their job. But instead of the only cognition, this acquired Infos, you can transform into something practical in your gambling experience.

A good example will be new pokies from new providers. While in beta test, you can get a chance to test it, find some perfect strategy for it, and simply wait for the perfect moment where you can grab a generous bonus for this particular game. Sometimes this can be a life-changing moment. That’s actually a common trick that is so popular among the high rollers.

Why is it still important to read the news?

News is a way to be a more versatile and interesting person. It is not necessary to read books if you do not want to. You can replace them with news that is really interesting to you.

Primarily, we will not load you with how someone was arrested for organizing an illegal casino, which is no longer an interesting topic, but still is discussed only on TV and their own news resources. Interesting and doubly useful – these are the reasons why you should read the news from the gambling world only on this site. But it is not necessary to read everything in a row. Choose a topic that is interesting to you to learn everything about it.

What do we report over here?

  • New software providers
  • The date release of new games
  • Different iGaming conferences with famous casino brands
  • Changes in laws
  • Launch of new casinos
  • and much, much more.

News is an important thing, without which you can quickly degrade. It can be compared with the fact that one of us will move to the forest for a few years, then return to civilization. Even if we think on a smaller scale, the news is just fascinating. If you like to twist slots or spend time in board games with a live dealer, you will probably be interested to learn about the latest developments in the industry.